Born and raised in the Northwest of Iran (Azerbaijan) until she was eighteen years old. After receiving her high school diploma in fine arts, she moved to Istanbul Turkey and attended in University of Mimar Sinan to continue her education in Fine Arts.

In 1987, in her pursue of higher education, she moved to Gothenburg Sweden and continued her passion in Fine Arts at the University of Gothenburg and received her MFA from there. She decided to dedicate her enthusiasm in her art blended with her love of children to the idea of developing kids. Moseli became an icon and a heroine among them. Through her art of creating sculpture, she encouraged kids to show their feelings and emotions and their vision of love. She received numerous achievements and appreciations from many educational organizations, local newspapers, and radio and television stations.

She has held exhibitions in many countries including Sweden, England, Turkey, Iran and also in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego, USA.

Her paintings are about people in an exposed world. The Art of Yoga was created from the desire of bringing lasting peace and self-love into everyday life of these people. Shamsi combines her teachings with creating tangible art in the form of clay sculptures manifesting the asanas and meditation poses experienced within the Kundaliniyoga practise.

Since 2012 Shamsi is an dedicated, accredited and active Kundaliniyoga meditation teacher offering her services around the globe.


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